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Tips on how to Maintain your computer for longer life

Tips on how to Maintain your computer for longer life



Computer users may be very familiar with the software but probably do not know much about the hardware. It is recommended that you get familiar with the parts of the computer or know basic computer maintenance techniques to help you better maintain your computer properly. There are many physical problems and technical problems the computer user has to face. Some computers problems shop up immediately others are behind the scene. These problems may due to installing free software found online, downloading from untrusted sites or going to websites that will infect your computer. Whatever the case maybe some problems could be quickly solved by the you others may require the knowledge of a computer repair expert. Either way before reaching out forprofessional help, here’s a few tips on how to keep your computer healthy.

Some Important Tips:

  • Stay away from illegal download websites that may possibly cause malware or viruses to be installed. A lot of times free programs come with no cost up front however, they can severely damage your computer with a virus.
  • Back up all your photos and files with dropbox. One thing we love about drop box is that its free and you can access it from any computer in the world. Best part is if you run out of space you can pay for more and its very inexpensive.
  • The computer sometimes overheats and crashes. It is better to a laptop stand with a built in fan to keep your computer running cooler.
  • It is always better to invest in antivirus software during the purchase of a computer. If there is a sudden interference of virus, spyware or if the computer starts getting slow, an on demand scanner can be used to detect the presence of virus.
  • If your computer is running slow this may be due to many programs running in the background, the performance of the computer deteriorates and slows down. It is better to open the task manager then and see what programmes are using the RAM and CPU in the computer. Google search also helps in detecting such a problem. Sometimes it can be something simple as software updates running.
  • If you computer is slow while running a lot of programs this might also mean that you will need to install more memory.
  • Turn off your computer when your done, this will ensure that the computer is cooling down and not over working.

As we all know these are just some basic steps and if your unsure how to do this yourself its best to get help from an expert. An IT professional can help you pick the right software, install memory, troubleshoot existing issues and backup you files.