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Professional Smartphone Repairers Vs. Amateurs

Professional Smartphone Repairers Vs. Amateurs

“If you assume, you’ve got enough experience about smartphones, Oh, you know how backend mechanism of phones work- If you believe you can fix things from your end with no troubles, and you must check some points now.

Who to opt, Professional Smartphone repairers or Amateurs?

Well, when it comes to smartphones repairers, a most of the individuals are under the impression that repairing screen and replacing battery is just a cake walk.

They mostly rely on the how to videos over YouTube or have assistance with their so-called-techies over the phone. But, does that really work; is it really that easy that it sounds? Hmmm…it’s a worth discussion debate. Let’s plunge into more details.

What happens when you choose ‘DIY’ option for your Smartphone?

DIY, Do It Yourself is the talk of the town these days, especially since the YouTube has started giving an easiest platform for the tech junkies to share their free tutors.

In case if your mobile screen is broken, you just get the new one from an ecommerce portal matching your model number and start fixing it on your own, since you are amateur, you don’t know the theory of how things are exactly fix in the case of mismanagement. And this puts you in huge trouble which sometime can also lead your phone to permanent death.

The same thing happens when you intend to fix the battery or replacing the old one that’s broken down, yeah, you say it’s broken down and worth dustbin only but you never know that it may be repaired as well. What you do is just simply replace that.

And when you call up the expert Smartphone repairers? 

As comparison to the amateurs, professionals are far better in terms of technical and formal skills. They don’t just fix the existing issues but also help you to make it long-last working with their quality work.

Since they have good amount of experience in their hands and have repaired thousands of devices, they know exactly what’s required to toggle up the issues your phone is experiencing.

Moreover, when you do it yourself, there is no guarantee or warranty of the replaced or repaired items but experts provide you the complete warranty of 3 or 6 months, as per the repairing status.