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What to expect from upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus?

What to expect from upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus?


The iPhone 7 is the next generation cell phone which will soon be expected to revolutionize the market. Apple will continue to launch its 2 versions, so we can anticipate to see iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus in coming few months.

Screen size and body

Rumors suggest that apple will not bring much change in its screen size as it is planning to stick with the size that it first introduced with iPhone 6 and 6plus with some refreshing touches. We didn’t have much idea about how the new flagship cell will look like as the company said to be working on finalizing the phone 7’s body but various rumors suggest that apple has decided to use the design similar to iPhone 6s.

Based on the MacRumors and other additional reports indicates that iPhone 7 will be more thinner, has a camera that either protrudes less or does not protrude at all, no more antenna bands on the back of phone but are expected to remain at the bottom, sides, and top of the iPhone.


Many rumors also suggest that Apple is planning to cut the 3.5mm headphone jack which will give the iPhone 7 a thinner look nearly 6.1 mm. This elimination will also allow more internal room for other components. Apple may also consider to include a second speaker in place of the headphone jack which will allow users to connect iPhone wirelessly by using the Bluetooth headphone and lightning port. The company has also claimed to be working on new Lightning earpods that comes along with the iPhone 7 box with a lightning connector instead of headphone jack.

Other features and specifications are still not revealed but we can expect that apple will continue its legacy of creating more robust, efficient and powerful smart phones of all times. The upcoming release is predicted to include the A-10 next-generation processors manufactures by TSMC. The phone will also expect to deliver potential benefits, a good battery life and more power to its users.


Between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus (perhaps the larger-screened phone) there may be some possibility of distinguishing features. Like iPhone 7 plus may include 3GB RAM, while iPhone 7 ship with 2gb RAM and there camera system may vary. As per rumors, apple may plan to introduce a dual-lens camera system that offer 2-3x optical zoom with LinX technology to deliver DSLR-like photo quality even in low or poor light conditions.

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