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How to back-up, wipe and protect your iPhone or Android phone before repairs

How to back-up, wipe and protect your iPhone or Android phone before repairs








Security is not only limited to your computer or laptops. Your mobile devices contain as much personal and sensitive data as your systems and they are even more vulnerable to become lost or stolen. Before you trash, sell or sell them off for repair, you should wipe them clean of your personal information.

Protecting your Iphone:

Backing up: Secure your valuable information or data through regular backups, so should a failure occur, you have an up-to date copy of your data and applications available. During the backup process, a copy of data at a particular point in time is created in case something should happen to the original. Hence, on account of a failure, the data can be reconstructed from that time.

You can create a backup your iphone by using iCloud. The settings include Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup and click the Back Up Now button to do a backup. You can also backup your phone by using iTunes. Just connect to itunes and create a backup.

Wiping data: before wiping your data make sure to backed it up properly.

Follow the settings to wipe the phone: Settings > General > Reset and click the Erase All Content and Settings button. This will take the phone back to its factory defaults.

Restoring the Phone: Your iphone should be as new, without any data on it, when you receive it from the repair shop. Its necessary to restore the backup in order to carry on your activities on it. Follow the step wise instructions to restore the backup.

  • Choose your language
  • Further, you will be provided some options as whether you want to set it up as a new phone, restore it from an itunes back up or either restore it from an icloud backup.
  • Select the any method you want and follow the prompts to backup your phone.

Protecting your Android Phone:

Backing Up: There are so many ways to back up the valuable data on your Android device. With just few taps you can simply sync almost everything, including your phone contacts, pictures, music, gmail, browser and other important details. Just go to Settings > Accounts (tap Google) > Select Google account > and check everything you want to sync.

Wiping Data: In order to wipe your android phone just go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and then tap Reset phone. Even after a factory reset, your data can easily be retrieved. On a safe side you can encrypt the data before you do a factory reset. Just Go to Settings > Security > Encrypt phone.


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