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5 Cell Phone Repair Misconceptions

5 Cell Phone Repair Misconceptions

iphone 6 cracked screen repair

As we all know cellphones has become the irreplaceable part of life, and now devices are used more than a computer. Because of this issues with the devices have also increased and so has the demand to get them repaired on urgently. Due to the sensitivity of the repair a lot of people have misunderstanding about cellphone repair services. Therefore, here we have come up with the 5 basic misconceptions of cellphone repair services.

Only certified technicians can repair my phone

When people use costly phones such as Apple, HTC etc, they believe to hand over their phones for servicing only to the certified individuals but this is actually not right. There is no certification require to operate a cell phone repair shop. There are many skilled technicians who are good at their work but have not attended any sort of university. So you can find hundreds of shops in the market that are good at repairing cellphones, even they are sometime better than the certified individuals. The reason for this is experience some cellphone repair shops have been doing this for a long time. Therefore do some research and find the best technician in your area.

Third party shop repair will collapse the warranty

If your iPhone or Samsung phone has been broken or damaged due to water, its warranty is already voided. Generally, service providers will suggest you to buy the new phones instead spending a hefty amount on its screen repair. But most of the time, repairing your device will be cheaper than buying the new phone.

Repair my cell phone will cost a lot of money

The pricing varies from shop to shop and location to location. So high pricing is just a myth. Cellphone repair costing is decided as per the repair shop and the amount of work it has. In the end you will need to weight out the benefits and determine if the cellphone is a complete loss. If so then you will need to buy a new phone if not, then you can determine the cost to repair. In the end it will cost you nothing to find out.

My cellphone is dead, it can’t be fixed…

You always have this feeling when your cellphone falls from the 5th floor or gets washed with your cloth. But worry not, it’s not you who will come up with the final decision, let’s experts check. There are chances that it can be fixed.

I am a pro. I can repair, iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc…

This pro type of feeling can put you in a huge trouble and sometime can make you lose your precious cellphone. So whenever there is any issues, make sure that you get it checked by the expert. Like I said above you want to make sure that the person who is repairing your phone has experience. After all you don’t want your device to be treated like it’s a lab rat.